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Taxxor offers two solutions. Both enabling you to generate fully compliant XBRL filing documents. All our solutions are based on the same modern multi-tier architecture witch allows us to efficiently develop, maintain, upgrade and customise them. To find out the differences between the two products, please have a look at the comparison chart below.

Taxxor CMS

Taxxor CMS is a full stack solution to support the financial reporting process. It can connect to multiple data sources (SAP, XML, Excel) and will process the data to generate multiple fully configurable output formats (XBRL, PDF, HTML, etc.).

Taxxor Tagger

Taxxor Tagger is an add-on for your current reporting solution which can be used to upgrade it to support XBRL as an additional output channel. Our multi-tier architecture enables efficient development of connectors to your existing application stack.

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Comparison chart

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Taxxor CMSTaxxor Tagger
Taxonomy manager
XBRL generator
XBRL validator
XBRL viewer
Filing generator (SEC and ESMA forms)
Data picker (tagger)
Data import from source
Content editor
Styling editors (HTML, PDF)
Table designer
Image manager
History manager
Website generator
PDF generator
Graph generator
Multilingual content management