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Financial and non-financial reporting in XBRL, PDF and HTML straight from your ERP data


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At Taxxor, we believe that the whole financial reporting process for companies should be as efficient as possible, while maintaining maximum flexibility in layout for multiple output channels. Creating all necessary filing documents from one source and system with a minimal effort and with the possibility to change anything until the last moment of publication. All data should be easy to find and reusable.

Easy and efficient publishing

Easy and efficient

Maintain and re-use information in a reliable way using a slick user interface. We take care that your information is structured and tagged so that you can find, re-use and update it in an efficient way.

Multiple output channels

Single click multi-channel publishing

Taxxor supports multiple output channels (Web, PDF, 20-F, XBRL) in multiple languages, all of which are generated using standard web techniques. Therefore the layout of all channels can easily be adjusted by any webdeveloper.

Does your company need to comply with ESMA ESEF? Taxxor is ready for ESMA ESEF Inline XBRL, with years of experience in SEC Inline XBRL filing.

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Why choose Taxxor

Find out about the strengths of Taxxor

Identifiable Data

All content in Taxxor is stored in a central information library and attached to a controlled set of metadata. Because we understand what the information is about, we can:

  • Re-use it easily across multiple output channels.
  • Update/sync it reliably.
  • Create intelligent user interfaces that suggests or pre-fills information.
  • Render reliable output that is based on a "single source of the truth".


Taxxor supports a broad variety of output channels. Besides HTML, XBRL and PDF, we can also generate all official filing formats straight out of the system (20-F, 10-F, 6-K, etc.).

Enforce your corporate identity across all output channels by using a single set of templates that renders them. Provide the content editors insight into the layout of the output channels by providing a true WYSIWYG interface even when editing output channels used for printing purposes.


All changes in Taxxor are tracked and can easily be audited. During the filing period, multiple versions of the document can be created and compared in a track changes PDF.

Every change in content is automatically versioned so that you can provide your auditors with detailed reports about changes in the content. You can also easily revert to an earlier version of the information on a very detailed level.


Taxxor filing documents are built upon XBRL taxonomies. Information in Taxxor is stored as XBRL facts which means that they are automatically identifiable and tagged.


Taxxor is built by people with many years of proven hands-on experience in digital financial reporting.


We understand that our application resides in the center of the reporting process and that it's crucial to run smoothly. Therefore we offer world-class support off- and onsite if required.

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How we work

Working together to achieve great results

01. Analysis & Planning

We will start with obtaining a deep insight of your company's needs and your current external reporting processes.
Together with you, we will create a planning to make sure we are aligned with your internal deadlines.

02. Development

When all requirements are clear, we will start developing the custom parts
needed to integrate Taxxor into your current environment.

03. Implementation & Training

When development is ready and you have successfully verified the implementation, Taxxor will be fully integrated into your
company's environment. To obtain the full potential of our solution, we will provide your team with a proper training.

04. Support

After the implementation, we will always be available for support.
From within the Taxxor Editor you can directly get into contact with us.

05. Updates & maintenance

Regular updates to the core product will be available to all users of our products. 
Client specific updates can be developed on request.