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Taxxor is a company founded by Bas Groenveld, Johan Thijs, Rutger Scheepens and Chris Groenveld with the goal to optimise the (financial) reporting process for medium and large companies using intelligent solutions and high quality consultancy. The name Taxxor stands for Taxonomy XBRL Online Reporting.

"Financial reporting should be based on structured data only"

Bas Groenveld - Founder & Director

How we started

Taxxor was founded end of 2017 by four professionals who where all working on different aspects of the financial reporting process for different clients.

Before founding Taxxor we worked together on a non-profit basis to develop proof-of-concepts that would solve typical issues that we all experienced while working on external reporting projects. We felt that XBRL was seen by our clients as a burden and another additional requirement, while we were convinced that the power of structured data could improve the efficiency and accuracy of the reporting process. Our first prototype was created in 2012 and we have been constantly developing towards a solid, secure, structured data based application ever since.

With the XBRL obligation for SEC filings now here, and the obligation for ESMA on it's way, we noticed that there is a large gap to fill in this new market.

At Taxxor, we believe that the whole financial reporting process for companies should be as efficient as possible, while maintaining maximum flexibility in layout for multiple output channels. Creating all necessary filing documents from one system with a minimal effort. All data should be easy to find and reusable.

How we started Taxxor

Meet our founders

Bas Groenveld

Bas Groenveld

With over 15 years of experience as a business consultant, and a strong background in finance and IT, Bas supports companies and governments to prepare for the transformation of manual, paper-based reporting to digital, standards-based reporting.

He has worked on projects within governments, financial institutions and multi-nationals in the areas of Standard Business Reporting, XBRL, SEC reporting, ESMA ESEF XBRL reporting, accounting, consolidation, IFRS, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel/CRD, Solvency and GRI.

Johan Thijs

Johan Thijs

Johan is a dedicated web application programmer, solution architect and consultant with more than 20 years of experience in internet technology.

His goal is to build high quality, scalable and sustainable solutions. Most of his projects are based on open technologies (JSON, XML, XSL, SOAP, REST, etc.) and have been well documented.

Through dedication and high quality deliverables he has maintained a long term relationship with the vast majority of his clients.

Rutger Scheepens

Rutger Scheepens

Rutger is a freelance web developer focusing mainly on javascript development. He has many years of experience in this field and has worked for many companies along the way.

He loves diving into new technologies, always able to master them and implement them in no-time.

By delivering high quality work, Rutger always made sure that clients where satisfied with the delivered work.

Chris Groenveld

Chris Groenveld

With over 15 years of experience in software development for a wide variety of applications, Chris is an independent consultant and developer. Supported by a background in physics as well as knowledge of a wide variety of programming languages, he enjoys taking abstract, complex problems and converting these into efficient code.

He has extensive experience within XBRL software development, as well as unrelated fields such as pattern recognition and encryption.

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Aguilonius is one of the founders of Taxxor. Aguilonius is a top expert in the wide area of regulatory reporting, related to the financial services industry, preferred supplier to both small and large financial institutions and supervisors with highly specialised software solutions and consulting services focusing on XBRL, COREP, FINREP, Solvency II, AnaCredit and many more Reporting Frameworks.

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